Erin moved to Nanaimo from Sasktaoon when she was 13.  She went to John Barsby for high school and attended VIU for her undergrad when it was still Malaspina. Erin moved to Calgary for Law School. She was called to the Bar in Alberta and had a general practice there before taking a job working in the Fraser Valley as a Federal Prosecutor. Erin was called to the BC Bar in 2008 and moved back to Nanaimo in 2010. Erin is actively involved in the community and is the Alumni Representative on the VIU Senate and she is the Vice President of the VIU Alumni Association Board. She is actively involved with the Canadian Bar Association. She sits on the Sections Standing Committee for the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch and locally she is the Chair for the Family Law Section.

Erin is not only knowledgeable but has the ability to see a case’s bigger picture and she works with her clients to find a resolution that fits her clients’ specific needs. Erin expects her clients to work with her on their files and keeps them involved throughout the process. Erin maintains the practice philosophy that the case is the client’s life and they should be an active participant in the process and the outcome.  Erin prides herself on efficient and effective representation of her clients. She knows that Lawyers are expensive friends to have and will work with her clients to help manage their legal costs. Erin has extensive trial experience and if going to court become inevitable her clients are in good hands. However, Erin believes that when the parties have a say in the outcome they are in a better position to craft resolution that best fit their situation. So before asking a third party who doesn’t know you to make a decision about your life Erin will suggest various alternative dispute resolution processes.

Erin has earned a reputation as a hard worker who is much appreciated by her colleagues and the clients she represents.  Her trial experiences combined with varied practical background have allowed Erin to bring a unique perspective and approach to her practice.